vAds, a revolutionary advertising network for the mobile markets is taking a nontraditional, more effective, efficient and innovative approach to targeted advertising. By making use of dead/idle time, vAds delivers short, targeted and dynamic voice ads without altering the app personality, behavior or flow.

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Monica, the smartest virtual assistant.

Monica is a revolutionary application. The catch is... She Talks To You! As your virtual assistant, Monica listens to your verbal commands. She can do anything, from reading your e-mails, news articles, horoscopes, connecting you to Facebook, and answering any question -- all through a fun and loveable personality. Monica Lite version is now available on the Apple App Store for Free. The full Monica will be released on the iPhone and Android in Q1, 2011.

For more info please visit is an online, do-it-yourself virtual tour service. Whether you're a real estate agent, property manager or simply a homeowner selling or renting a property, you can create your own virtual tours online in minutes using our easy, instant, and free web service.

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gSoft offers technical services to the mobile, communication, health and semiconductor markets capitalizing on our extensive, global teams experience we deliver a great and logical alternative for in-house development.